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Developed by Bada studio, “Unexpected Flight” is a retro style arcade game featuring the voyage of a cat with wings. The rule of the game is simple. You can change the altutude of your cat by touching the screen, and the game ends when you crash into an obstacle or the ground. The controls are similar to Flappy Bird. What’s different from Flappy Bird is the “acceleration” aspect, and this makes the game harder for beginners. When you get used to it, you will be able to make delicate controls.

Here’s an actual gameplay video about beginner, intermediate and skilled users playing the game. (Yes, you can actually play with your feet!)

The game consists of 80 stages, carefully designed for the best gaming experience. There are 4 themes for each 20 stages: The Grasslands, The Glaciers, The Deserts and The Volcanoes. Each theme has different backgrounds, different obstacles and so on, so you’re never gonna get bored! Each stages are rather short but fairly hard, which makes the game really addicting.

This is our official trailer video. You can preview various stages and obstacles of our game, “Unexpected Flight.” As you can see in the video, there are also items that help you beat the game such as magnets and shields.

About Bada studio

Bada studio is a one-man indie game developing studio. Before founding the studio, the developer has took part in a 3D RPG game called “Heroes and Knights.” “Unexpected Flight” is Bada studio’s first game. The aim of the developer is to make games that he himself wants to play.